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There will be global protests taking place throughout the week of action. Contact us to find out what's happening in your area (surprise demos won't be listed below) or for help organising your own protest. You can download/order campaign materials here.

Find out which companies have blood on their hands and tell them to drop HLS. They're all fair game, so go get 'em!

Our number 1 target is still HLS' major customer AstraZeneca. Follow the link for global locations: www.shac.net/AZAction/takeaction/index.html
Other customers are listed here: www.shac.net/action/customers/clients.html

Elimar Pigeon Services was exposed this month supplying birds to be experimented on: www.shac.net/news/2012/october/8.html
A list of recent suppliers from 2011: www.shac.net/2011supplierleak
Other suppliers are listed here: www.shac.net/action/suppliers/suppliers.html

Finally, here's a bunch of greedy customers and suppliers which were leaked earlier this year: www.shac.net/2012_leak

Demo locations so far: London
Let us know if you're organising one!