2004 - HLS CFC tests exposed

In 2004 SHAC was leaked top secret experiments that had taken place at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

These disgusting tests were carried out on behalf of two Japanese customers of Huntingdon namely Daikin Industries of Osaka and the Japan Refrigeration of Air Conditioning Association (JRAIA) of Tokyo.

The experiments on this page were to test HCFC 22 and HCFC 32. HCFC 22 has been banned in many countries and is due to be phased out all across the world.

You may ask how can these experiments be legal for products that have been and are in the process of being banned? You tell us. The next time you hear an MP, Huntingdon or a newspaper waffling on about life-saving research remember these experiments.

In the last few years we have exposed Huntingdon as testing on mice, rats, rabbits, dogs and primates products such as cannabis, perfume ingredients and the artificial sweetener Sucralose to name but a few. Life saving research? Where is it?

Huntingdon are a commercial company and according to their own brochures most of their work is for chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and household products.

These experiments were leaked to us solely due to the Japanese customer campaign. These tests were carried out by a nasty method called inhalation toxicology. The photos on this page are carbon copies of what is described in these experiments.


These tests were carried out on 9 beagles aged 7 months old from B+K Universal near Hull, England.

These tests lasted in all for 5 months and can be read more fully in pdf format below, Please bear in mind that the Pdf's are are only selected sizes to keep file sizes down but you will gain a full insight into the experiments from reading the pdf's. SHAC holds the full experiments.

To give you an idea the clinical signs observed during the experiments include:

"Dog number 1185 trembling struggling...trembling nervous, 1181 pulling back in sling, struggling...1179 severe head tremors and whole body shaking...1187 closing of eyes, drooping of head, head supported by sling, slow deep breathing, staggering in sling, semi consciousness...1183 shaking of head, unconsciousness....1173 closing of eyes, hindlimbs splayed, unresponsiveness to stimuli."


These tests were carried out mice that were only 7 weeks of age and were from Charles River Ltd , Manston, Kent.

Some of the clinical signs of this test were:

"Group 1...loss of balance, eyes half closed...Group 3...hyperactive grooming , reduced locomotion...Group 4...paddling of forelimbs, very unsteady, eyes half closed, whole body tremors."


PDF of experiment HCFC 22
PDF of experiment HCFC 32

SHAC sends out a an unequivocal message to all HLS's customers: the motto of the laboratory you choose to deal with, even though you are fully aware of their disgusting record of animal cruelty and gross staff incompetence, is 'your secrets are our secrets'. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you deal with Huntingdon Life Sciences, be prepared for your research to be exposed and publicised.

From Novartis's xenotransplantation experiments at HLS, to whole lists of HLS customers that have been leaked to SHAC, to Daiichi's full clinical trial reports, to undercover investigations that exposed experiments of HLS customers in worldwide media, there is no halting the flow of information that comes to SHAC.

Rest assured that if you deal with HLS, SHAC are tracking you and investigating your links with the animal killers - we will find you and expose you to the world.

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