2002 - HLS customer Eli Lilly exposed

One of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies has been infiltrated by SHAC.


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A SHAC activist gained employment as an animal technician at Eli Lilly’s research laboratory at Windlesham in Surrey and worked on cocaine experiments on rats and guinea pigs. The only reason we chose Eli Lilly is because they are a customer of HLS.

The activist worked on part of a programme of disgusting experiments that was scheduled to kill 36 thousand yes 36 thousand rats, mice, gerbils and guinea pigs per year at the Windlesham site in experiments which are shocking in their cruelty and futility. Other experiments done as part of this programme include experiments on primates done in the USA by another Eli Lilly research lab at Indianapolis.

The experiments involved several parts: effects of compounds on simple behaviours, effects of compounds on food and fluid intake, effects of environmental and behavioural manipulations on subsequent responding in behavioural tests, effects of compounds on immobility in the Forced Swim tests (7 thousand mice and rats), effects of the compounds on seizures, and effects of treatments on circadian rhythms. Some of these experiments were carried out on rats as young as 4 days old.

In some of the experiments, the animals had various parts of their brains damaged prior to being experimented on, and many had substances injected directly into their brains., sometimes for as long as 90 days twice a day.

Hamsters and rats were exposed to constant lighting for up to 8 weeks at a time.

Mice were exposed to high-pitched sound to induce fits & seizures in them: the noise caused wild running, muscle clenching, and then respiratory failure and death.

Reading all the details on these experiments, it is difficult to believe that the licence holder was ever granted a project license. The world is full of many thousands of people taking cocaine who would be more than happy to volunteer to be studied. At least humans could tell you what effect drugs are having on them and what they are feeling, unlike the thousands of animals killed in these experiments.

At no stage throughout our insider’s employment did any of the other employees realise that our undercover investigator was filming everything with hidden cameras. It is evident from the video footage we have received that the activist had free access to the offices and laboratories within the compound over weeks as staff talked freely about what goes on behind closed doors and got on with their jobs oblivious to the fact it was all being caught on film.

When the conversation was brought round to Huntingdon one employee who was working at Huntingdon at the time of the beagle punching scandal commented that it happened because of time pressure of the experiments and that it happens at every establishment.

The message this sounds out is loud and clear: SHAC is everywhere – we have shown yet again that security is no match for the determination of activists hell bent on exposing the truth, that we can and will go to any lengths to bring about the end of HLS and all those who deal with them, and that no-one is safe from this campaign if they are connected to HLS. Watch out – we could be in your lab next…

Our special thanks to the brave activist who undertook this project and carried it off with such success. We should never underestimate how difficult it is to go through with an investigation of this nature. From everyone in SHAC all over the world, thank you.

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