Since 1997 we have constantly heard from Huntingdon's customers, suppliers and the Government that the beagle beating scenes shot inside HLS by Channel 4 were isolated incidents. Brian Cass the MD of HLS has said many times in the media that things have changed at HLS and what was filmed in 1997 no longer happens. We can now for the first time prove this to be a lie. We can prove that nothing has changed inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

This is now the sixth yes the sixth time Huntingdon have been exposed from 1989 now right up to date to 2006. How many more times do we have to prove that Huntingdon Life Sciences are cruel to animals, break the law and regularly falsify test data before the British Government acts?

All the excuses from Huntingdon's customers and suppliers have now gone and now is the time for Huntingdon Life Sciences to close. Please click on the What you can do link above to see how you can help.

Huntingdon Panic over Inside HLS Report
Click here to see the letter HLS have sent out to all their customers in response to the Inside HLS Report. HLS are cruel and also not very good liars

Huntingdon are panicking and lying to their customers about the inside HLS report. In fact Brian Cass has sent a letter out to every one of their customers saying that we added all the bits into the typed up diaries. See the letter as a PDF to see what they have sent out and that we manipulated the two ex workers. These are lies and let us explain to you why.

1 What Huntingdon don't know and only we know is that the conversations were recorded right from the start. All the evidence of dogs being shaken, terrified and abused. All the evidence of falsification of results WAS TAPE RECORDED. At no point was anyone coerced or led into saying anything they didn't want to say. IT IS ALL THERE ON THE TAPES WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN EDITED IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. Explain that one Huntingdon.

2 The two workers contacted us and told us about the abuse from the very first conversation well before we knew who they were and even what their first names were.

3 Huntingdon are threatening to sue us. Well bring it on Huntingdon and let's bring the whole thing out in court. If you do not then everyone and especially your customers will know what we are saying is the truth. Let the taped conversations be played in open court with all the press in attendance. We have nothing to hide here and Huntingdon have everything to hide.

4 What's the point of calling in the Home office inspectors (some of whom used to work at HLS) when they have never spotted any of the abuse this time or before and in fact let HLS know when they are coming. We have always said they are a joke and this proves yet again that they are.

5 If within 24 hours of HLS sending out this letter we have obtained a copy says it all and just shows how easy they are to infiltrate and how full of holes they are.

So in conclusion if Huntingdon do not sue us then you know they are lying and remember Huntingdon we are SHAC and we have the tapes of the conversations. We've got you 100% and all you can do is lie about it.

pdf You can read the Full Report in PDF format. Click here for a high res version (8Mb) and Click here for a low res version (570k)

Click here to see the footage shot inside HLS in 2005 by a TV company.