2007 - HLS' beagle breeder exposed

In April 2007 SHAC activists witnessed cruelty at HLS' beagle supplier during a protest. What follows is the account of a young activist who witnessed the incident:

“It was my first protest at Interfauna, where they breed beagle puppies for HLS. As I arrived I could hear their cries. I followed the sounds around the footpath; I could hear them loud and clear from the windowless sheds. As I walked around the footpath I could see small outdoor pens full of puppies.

This must be where they “exercise” - I couldn’t believe how cramped it was. I could see the puppies; I could see their shiny eyes and their cute button noses. Then out of nowhere two female employees
appeared. One grabbed a puppy by the scruff of her neck and lifted her in the air. She struggled, as she didn’t want to be grabbed and so she was swung and dragged along.

I was horrified; and for this poor puppy there was worse to come as by now she will be in a lab, she may even be in HLS right now. I made a promise to this puppy that I will never stop fighting, I promised I would not be sad, but be angry; and angry does not go even close to how I feel.

I carried on the rest of the protest with her image in my mind, an image that will stay with me forever.”

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