1997 - HLS exposed in the USA

In June 1997 PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released a videotape shot by PeTA member Michelle Rokke undercover inside HLS's lab in America.


Click here to view the video footage of Zoe Broughton and Michelle Rokke's investigations.

To say the video is shocking would be a gross understatement. In one scene you can clearly see a monkey being cut open during a necropsy (an animal equivalent of an autopsy) whilst still alive. In another scene a researcher yells at a frightened monkey: "Calm down before I bite your face!"

On another tape, technicians yell and scream as a monkey is strapped down. One says sarcastically: "I'm sure the sponsor will love that." A second technician comments "bring up their heart rates just a little bit more." Whilst a third says: "You can wipe your ass on that data."

In another incident a technician holds a monkey in mid-air as he administers a tuberculin test material into the animals eyelid. Asked by the undercover investigator if he can do it this way, the vivisector replied: "Nope, not supposed to, never saw it, never did it, can't prove it."

The video tapes are a catalogue of abuse, half the time the so called "experiments" are not even being done as they should be. Again what was HLS's response to this expose?

Even after Michelle had uncovered papers that showed HLS were due to conduct an experiment for the Japanese company, Yamanouchi, in which 37 Beagle puppies would have a leg bone sawn then snapped with a steel wire Alan Staple president of HLS in America at the time stated "We are innocent" and went on to state that he felt "violated" by PeTA's expose'.

After all the animal suffering shown, he felt violated! Incredible!

Meanwhile Christopher Cliffe - the over-all head of HLS - said from Huntingdon Research Centre, Cambridge that the tapes were "misleading, scandalous rubbish." He insisted the behaviour of the staff was nothing more than "tomfoolery".

PDF of Michelle's diaries of her investigation
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