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Those who campaign against HLS are often portrayed as misguided and/or extremists. Nothing could be further from the truth.

SHAC is made up of compassionate people from all walks of life and people of all ages from children to pensioners. Whether it's attending our national marches and rallies, going on weekly mobile demo's, writing letters, running info stalls or financing the campaign, everyone has a part to play in closing HLS.

All of us are outraged at the existence of HLS and all of us are doing as much as we can to make sure that this evil company is closed down for good.



"My name is Benjamin Zephaniah. I am a poet and a writer. For me Huntingdon Life Sciences is an example of how we have not progressed as a society. They think that they are the cutting edge of science. I think exactly the opposite. In their quest for profit they have lost all humanity, compassion and caring. Scientifically they have not done much and to me the place represents evil, the opposite of progress. I think people should do whatever they can to stop HLS, whatever they have the time to do as long as it is something. HLS will be closed by whatever means necessary be it by people writing letters or by people taking direct action.



When Richard and I became aware of SHAC’s recent run in with the FBI, Kevin [Jonas] had some concern that we might skitter away because of controversy. Now that’s comedy. We embrace this struggle on behalf of all animals; turning away is not an option. . . . And here we find ourselves, passionately committed to fighting for dogs and all animals whenever it is called — and it is called for now in this war against the insane cruelty of animal testing. Richard and I were drawn to SHAC because of its independence, its level of commitment, and because it speaks to an absolute determination inside of us to express our humanity. . .



"I am appalled that in the modern world in which we live we continue for monetary gains to experiment and torture defenceless creatures for vanity and useless and highly ineffective so called medical research which is driven by conglomerate companies in order to sell us more drugs. I fully support your courageous efforts to campaign against this animal Auschwitz to the point that you are willing to give up your liberty. For all the millions of animals that have suffered agonising deaths I hope my support will help in a small way to get Huntingdon closed down once and for all.



"In 2007 I was browsing the internet and accidentally stumbled onto a website about the SHAC movement and the disgrace which was Huntingdon Life Sciences. I started making it my mission to make a difference on a weekly basis. To let HLS know that SHAC don't give in, they always win.
I promise anyone reading this now. The day I stop working to close HLS down will be one of two other days. The day HLS closes, or the day I die. I'm not scared of being bullied around by the police, or workers of these places. We don't learn from the animal research conducted inside HLS. We never have. We never will.



"My name is Seamus and I am six. I hate Huntingdon Life Sciences, because they kill animals. I have been to HLS before, and have banged on the drum, and shouted on the megaphone, and told the police to go in and arrest the bad people who kill animals. The police didn’t listen. But we will get the place shut down.

If all the children and all their parents and friends and brothers and sisters came and tried to shut down HLS it would be shut down forever. That would be great.



"I am a disabled person myself with a congenital condition. Although I respect and care for animals, my grounds for being against the use of animals in research does not stem from this, but a need to warn and educate against the inaccuracy and dangers of vivisection. Vivisection delays medical advancement and vivisectors cover up the real truth in the name of profit. Victims rarely win in a court of law as pharma companies claim they are not responsible, as animal tests cannot be relied upon. I will never stop campaigning to close places like Huntingdon Life Sciences.



“My name is Rose-Marie, I am a retired teacher. I believe that there is a place for every kind of person from all walks of life in this campaign because we are united in our commitment to end vivisection. I am just ordinary but I can make a contribution by writing letters, fund raising, lobbying my MP, leafleting, helping on information stalls, boycotting products that are animal tested, educating the young and attending demos, etc. I support the SHAC campaign against HLS because I believe vivisection to be archaic, barbaric and the worst kind of cowardly bullying perpetrated against un-consenting creatures.



"Nearly three years ago a good friend at work took me along to the Living Without Cruelty Exhibition. It was there that I saw undercover footage of shocking abuse at HLS - terrified puppies being punched in the face and shouted at. I cried and cried for those poor animals, but then I got angry. Very angry. How could they do that to those innocent, defenceless animals!? That's why, even though I hold down a full time job, have two dogs and my fair share of life's problems (hasn't everyone) I have pledged the rest of my life to doing all I possibly can to help in the fight to expose animal abuse and especially to help put HLS into the abyss where it belongs."



"Hi. I’m 58. I have been doing animal rights work since 1975. I’ve learned much from SHAC’s newsletters, from their speakers’ powerful speeches and from fellow SHAC comrades. I shall never, never abandon my alliance to SHAC and the wonderful cause many of us so resolutely adhere to. I am clearly no hero, but I do know that I do not have any right whatever to partake of any item that has evolved as a result of animals having been tortured. I would much rather die!