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The story so far
After 15 months the New York Stock Exchange decided to side with the puppy killers at Huntingdon Life Sciences. On Dec 22nd they tried to sneak Huntingdon onto the newly formed NYSE Arca exchange which had only been created that very day. NYSE Arca is not the main floor of the NYSE but is a fully electronic and supposedly anonymous (Anonymous? This is SHAC you are dealing with) exchange.

The NYSE had completed their merger with Archipelago to form the NYSE group (This merger is where the NYSE Arca came from) the NYS
E has now also merged with Euronext (the combined exchanges of Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam) to form NYSE Euronext. As the NYSE strives to become the first global stock exchange they've come to hit SHAC head on who are already truly global. For a company that trades on average a pathetic one thousand shares a day I hope it was all worth it NYSE.

Don't underestimate the importance of this battle as it is central to Huntingdon's survival. Why else do you think they strive a NYSE listing so much? An NYSE listing equals a financial future for them and them losing that does not bear thinking about for Huntingdon.

This battle has only one end and that is that Huntingdon are kicked off the NYSE forever. It will not be easy and it will not be quick but succeed we must and succeed we will for Huntingdon's future means animals dead on their cage floors and that will not happen. FULL STOP!

Our tactics
Our tactics are simple and the same as they ever were BUT the targets on the drop down menu at the top of this page fall into two distinct categories.

Category 1 Is the NYSE and Euronext. These people have their hands drenched in the blood of the animals inside HLS. They are THE prime target.

Category 2 Are companies like the NYSE shareholders, NYSE specialists and NYSE members. Demos at these companies should only EVER happen as well as demos at Category number 1 OR if you do not have any category 1 targets in your area. These companies are not puppy killers like those in Category 1 BUT they have a hell of a lot of influence on the NYSE and they are the NYSE, so unhappy Members, Shareholders and Specialists makes for an unhappy NYSE and an unhappy NYSE will kick HLS off so don't go too easy on them.