The list below highlights a few key companies who are vital to HLS' survival. If you are organising protests, where possible try to keep these targets in mind.


Customers are now the key support keeping HLS open. With the current recession and HLS' ongoing financial problems, Cass himself has described their future as "uncertain". HLS are struggling to such an extent that the loss of two core customers would force them to close down. Therefore we ask all groups to focus on the top 2 important customers below:

1) AstraZeneca - click here for global sites

2) Bristol-Myers Squibb - click here for global sites

Also important are the following:

3) Sanofi Aventis - click here for global sites
Schering Plough - click here for global sites and Organon (part of Schering Plough) - click here for global sites
5) Pfizer - click here for global sites
Bayer - click here for global sites
6) Syngenta - click here for global sites

Customer database
If you can't find one of these customers near to you, others are also important, as the loss of any of them will cause a huge knock-on effect to Huntingdon's increasingly failing financials. You can see the database of all customers, organised by name or by country, here.
Lets not forget that HLS are $100 million in debt - and have had to cut jobs, cut bonuses, and don't even own their own properties or infrastructure anymore. Even their own past financials show a continual decrease in profit - and with the loss of Fortress' loan and the continuing recessation, it's time to finish them off!


HLS are over $100 million in debt. They have recently lost one of their lenders, Fortress Investment Group. They owe most of this money to their own CEO, Andrew Baker, who set up a front companies to fund the privatisation of HLS in November 2009. Lab Holdings LCC and Lion Holdings now control nearly all the large debt of HLS.


PDP Courier Services Ltd - Apollo House, Plane Tree Cresent, Poplar Way, Felthambrook, SUNBURY, Middlesex TW13 9HX
Tel: 01784 420466, Fax: 01784 246619

PDP are a specialist courier company for the pharmaceutical industry. They are in and out of HLS like yo-yo's. They are a vital logistics link between hls and their key customers. Due to the specialist nature of PDP, without them HLS would find it very hard to operate, and it could lead to customers going elsewhere.

PDP Services - Click here for global locations


Monock Freight - 14 Mount Road, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 6AR, Tel: 02088945400, Fax: 02088943542

Monock Freight are another specialist freight company. They transport everything from primates to blood samples across the globe for HLS.


Phenomonex supply HLS with specialist chromatography columns (used for seperating chemicals). Some of these are not produced by any other company. In legal paperwork, the MD of Phenomonex stated that without them HLS would have difficulty operating.

Phenomonex - Click here for global locations


FEDEX are Huntingdon's key non-specialist courier company. They are a vital link in HLS' supply chain.

FEDEX - Click here for global locations