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Companies who deal with Huntingdon Life Sciences have been to the High Court and obtained injunctions under the Harassment Act against SHAC. These injunctions are below - make sure you read them and abide by them.

Please read them in full but basically they prohibit harassment of protected people ie employees of these companies and ban demonstrations at their homes. They impose restrictions as to the time and location of demonstrations as well as the numbers of people who may take part. They prohibit threatening and abusive communication and prohibit the publication of any details of Protected Persons or articles relating to activities carried out against them.

SHAC is working closely with a legal team on these issues so if you are in any doubt as to what constitutes a breach please contact us so we can clarify your queries to ensure you are not breaching the order in any way.

pdf 3M Order (November 2004)
pdf AGC Chemicals order (June 2010)
pdf Astellas order (December 2011)
pdf Bayer order (April 2004)
pdf Bayer order (April 2008)
pdf BOC order (March 2004)
pdf Chiron order (February 2007)
pdf Daiich Sankyo order (January 2012)
pdf DHL order (August 2010)
pdf Eisai order (June 2010)
pdf Eli Lilly order (November 2012)
pdf Emerson order (January 2004)
pdf EuroDPC order (December 2004)
pdf Fidelity order (October 2004)
pdf Fortress Investment Group order (July 2011)
pdf GSK order (April 2007)
pdf Harlan order (December 2012)
pdf HLS order (March 2007)
pdf Invesco order (July 2011)
pdf Novartis order (March 2010)
pdf Novartis order maps (March 2010)
pdf NYSE order (February 2007)
pdf Oxford University order (February 2008)
pdf PDP order (January 2013)
pdf Phytopharm order (June 2010)
pdf RMSB&G order (February 2008)
pdf Sanofi order (April 2007)

State Street order (March 2004)

pdf UPS order (February 2005)
pdf US Bank order (August 2013)
pdf Vanguard order (December 2010)
pdf Wellington Management order (February 2011)
pdf Yamanouchi order (October 2003)

Yamanouchi order maps (October 2003)