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Friday, 1st April

Just after 8am, we went to the largest equity shareholder of AstraZeneca, BlackRock at 33 King William Street, London EC4R 9AS. (Tel: 0800 445 522) who have over 160 million shares in AstraZeneca and who as a part owner of AstraZeneca have a great deal of influence over them. We called on BlackRock to put pressure on AZ to stop using HLS and gave out many leaflets to the passing commuters going into work along this busy road from London Bridge and continuing to inform them about BlackRock's investment via megaphones and chanting.

Then it was time to meet up for our 'official' start of demos for the day at 10am and we then went to Axa's UK HQ, at 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD (Tel: 020 7920 5900) as Axa are a large equity and institutional investor in AstraZeneca, but unlike some of the other investors, Axa make out that they are an ethical company with links to the RSPCA while at the same time they try to hide their involvement in investing in animal abuse and torture at HLS where 70,000 innocent, sentient animals are being experimented on. As as major investor in AstraZeneca we call on Axa to put pressure on AZ to stop their dealings with HLS and stop their on-going use of this multiple exposed, animal abusing company.

We then went to Aviva Investors at 1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ. (Tel: 020 7809 6000 and 0800 0154 773) to highlight Aviva's link with AstraZeneca of them providing the new global HQ offices at 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington and asked Aviva as landlords of AstraZeneca to urge them to pull out of the vivisection industry and HLS.

Then it was onto Axa Investor Managers, 7 Newgate Street London, EC1A 7NX (Tel: 020 7003 1000) to continue our pressure against Axa's investment of AstraZeneca as a large customer of HLS. They are effectively helping to fund the animal abuse with continuing to make out that they care about animal welfare - Axa's motto is: Axa Investment Managers, redefining finance, which should surely read: Axa Investment Managers, redefining hypocrisy?

And until AstraZeneca stop using HLS we will continue to protest at AZ offices and their shareholders.

SHAC London


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