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Friday, 15th April

Eighteen of us made our presence felt loud and clear at HLS’s lab at Occold today. We were very vocal and the workers who dared to leave work by bicycle received the message “on your bike animal abuser”. The HLS injunction servers were kept busy as we had several new people with us. The servers even had to come out twice as they missed someone the first time. I bet the injunction servers love coming out to face us lot. To trot out and try to serve angry demonstrators with a piece of paper, oh to have such job satisfaction! Yes HLS, more people are finding out about your dirty animal abusing secrets and more and more people don’t like what you do.

In solidarity with all those taking part in the World Day march in Manchester, in memory of all the animals who have suffered and died at HLS and to those of you who are not able to protest, you are never forgotten by us all, together we can make a difference!

Until all are free.


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