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Friday, 15th April

We said we'd get our leaflets into St Philip's Point regardless of the fascist security guards; the building where Axa are located was infiltrated yesterday as we sent in an inconspicuous looking activist who slipped passed security and handed out the leaflets inside the building, members of Axa and others took leaflets before security guards had recognised and managed to get the activist to leave.

After-which, we began another loud, angry and visual protest outside of Axa which almost straight away began attracting small crowds of people and this remained constant throughout the protest. We informed the public about why we were there and shamed Axa for their unethical dealings with the notorious and disgusting vivisection companies AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences, and we continue to urge them to get some real morals (they like to lie to people that they are an "ethical" company!) and drop these sadistic, vile companies that are responsible for the maiming, torture and murder of thousands of lives every year - mice, rats, cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys, humans and others through the scientifically fraudulent and dangerous form of experimentation that is vivisection. Axa are trying to make money out of this and there is no justification for any of it, so until they drop AZ and HLS they will continue to receive protests.

Many members of the public took leaflets and were horrified to hear about who and what Axa are involved with, some pledged they would get involved with the campaign whilst others joined us there and then and took part in the demo! They chanted along side us as others of them handed out more leaflets to members of the public.


After recently hearing about HSBC providing a bank account to Harlan Breeders, we thought we'd head there afterwards and stage a protest against them, this was the first of more to come until they drop Harlan.

Another angry protest ensued outside of HSBC where we again informed members of the public about who and what they are involved with to receive a further good response and HSBC were shamed for providing a bank account to Harlan Breeders, a company that breeds animals and sends them away to different vivisection companies including Sequani, AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences amongst others.


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