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Friday, 15th April

On Friday morning, activists visited Fortress Investment Group bright and early in the morning.

The demonstration got started at 8am sharp. The 15 activists that arrived were well prepared with plenty of literature to hand out, lots of energy, and equipped with megaphones to make sure that Fortress Investment and the rest of the MGM building got a proper wake up call.

Fortress Investment, MGM, and other tenants inside the building were not happy to have their Friday morning disturbed by protesters to say the least. Some of the tenants on the bottom floor came out and vocally expressed there disapproval of Fortress Investment's financial decisions. They told activists that they think what happens inside of HLS is deplorable and they hope that Fortress divests from HLS soon so that they can have their peaceful Friday mornings back.

Due to the high volume of the demonstration cops arrived on the scene. But that did not discourage the dedicated protesters. The demo continued for another 30 minutes. Activists made sure that the authorities know that they can do absolutely nothing to stop us from speaking up for the animals.

This battle is far from being over, Fortress has not seen anything yet! Next time we will show up with larger numbers, more megaphones, and a legal observer!

Until every cage is open, and HLS is shut down!

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.



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