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Friday, 15th April

First stop: Pfizer – Huntingdon Life Sciences Customer

Activists from all parts of New York and New Jersey gathered together under the banner of F.A.U.N. (Friends of Animals United New Jersey) to commemorate the annual event World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week with an entire weekend of protests. Activists took over the familiar sidewalk in front of Pfizer’s world corporate headquarters. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed and many passersby stopped long enough to ask questions or to tell us that they did not know that the atrocity of animal testing was still popular. Protesters swore that they would keep coming back until Pfizer cuts their ties to the notorious animal testing lab, HLS.

Second stop: Bristol-Myers Squibb – Huntingdon Life Sciences Customer

Next the dozens of activists walked a short distance to the corporate world headquarters of drug giant, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Hundreds of flyers were distributed to the many passersby. Voices raised together to let everyone know that Bristol-Myers Squibb colludes with the puppy killing animal abusers at Huntingdon Life Sciences. When will they learn that we will never give up the fight to stop the killing of innocent animals for fraudulent and bogus science. Deal with HLS, Deal with us.

F.A.U.N. (Friends of Animals United New Jersey)


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