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Saturday, 16th April

First stop: Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ

Activists from F.A.U.N. (Friends of Animals United New Jersey) and W.A.R. (Win Animal Rights) came together for a day of protest against the use of animals in research and testing. Despite the pouring rain dozens of activists gathered at one of the high profile locations of Johnson and Johnson to protest their continued use of laboratory animals for research and product testing. Terrible conditions in the J & J laboratory were exposed by government inspection reports. Multiple bullhorns led the activists in heated chants about Johnson & Johnson’s sins against the animal world.

Second stop: Huntingdon Life Sciences, East Millstone, NJ

Although already waterlogged, activists traveled to East Millstone NJ, the home base of the most vile and disgusting animal abusers on the face of the earth, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The familiar barricades had already been set up and a sense of déjà vu cloaked the event. Activists were mindful of the fact that thousands of imprisoned animals languished behind the high fences topped with razor wire. This knowledge made them somber, while at the same time stoking their anger.

Energetic speak outs reminded everyone why we were there and how important it is to be true to our motto….”Never give up….Never Give In….We Always Win”. Despite the soggy, cold rainy conditions, intense emotion gave the activists the power to represent. After a long absence, it was good to be back, looking pure evil in the face and flipping them a bird. Huntingdon Life Sciences kills 500 animals a day and they need to be stopped


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