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Sunday, 17th April

First stop: Andrew Baker – CEO/Owner Huntingdon Life Sciences

Activists from New York and New Jersey began the third day of World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week with a very special protest at the home of Chief Puppy Killer of the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences, none other than, Andrew Baker. Over 30 activists gathered under the banner of F.A.U.N. Friends of Animals United New Jersey. Strong voices were raised in unison letting everyone in the neighborhood know that the campaign to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences will never end until that hellhole is shut down once and for all.

Second stop: Wesley Edens, Co-Chairman – Fortress Investment Group

Conveniently, Wesley Edens of Fortress lives just yards away from Baker. Activists positioned themselves at his doorstep and educated his neighbors. Fortress continues to claim that they have severed their ties to Huntingdon Life Sciences without being able to offer any definitive proof. If Fortress had not come to Baker’s financial aid in the effort to take HLS private, HLS would likely have gone out of business. All the more reason to be there.

Third stop: Peter Briger, Co-Chair – Fortress Investment Group

A short walk down Central Park West brought the cadre of activists to the home of the other co-chairman of the Board of Fortress Investment Group. Once again, voices were raised to educate Briger’s neighbors about Fortress’ role in enabling the killing of 500 animals every day at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Fourth stop: Lamberto Andreotti – CEO Bristol-Myers Squibb

Last stop of the afternoon was the luxury hi-rise apartment building of Lamberto Andreotti, CEO of HLS customer Bristol-Myers Squibb. This is a great location (64th and Central Park West) for both reaching the public via protest and flyering. Lots of foot traffic coupled with the passionate spirit of the protesters made this an event to remember. Building residents were appalled to learn that an animal killer lives in their swanky building. Many expressed their disgust and promised to stop buying BMS products.

Tired but satisfied activists reflected on the intense weekend of action, eager to come back and do it again.


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