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Monday, 18th April

We decided that it was time again to confront some of the customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

We started the day full of rage and passion at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Computerweg 10 Utrecht. This is Teva's European headquarters and we have therefore clearly shown what we think of the animal abusing scum like TEVA.

Every day 500 animals die inside HLS for companies such as Teva, who only want to make big money with the production of pharmaceuticals.

Full of energy we went to our second target of the day, Bristol-Myers Squibb in Woerden. BMS knows damn well why we always come back to them, every time we arrive, they hide as fast as they can. Even the postman, who opened the door do deliver a package, was pushed out in total panic by the overvelos security. BMS are you so afraid the truth will walk inside?

Our last stop of the day was Sanofi-Aventis in Gouda. Sanofi is a sick company, time and time again employees were seen laughing at the pictures of cut open beagle dogs used for testing in HLS. But Sanofi knows the message, as long as you do business with HLS, you never get a quiet undisturbed day, any time any day, activists could show up at your doorsteps. Remember this Sanofi, you will never have a day of rest as long as animals die for your profit.

For animal and human liberation!


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