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Friday, 1st April

It's April Fool's Day but today, activists were not fooling around when it comes to holding animal abusers accountable for their actions.

The day got started at the Fortress Investment Group office with lots of energy. About 30 minutes into the demonstration 5 cop cars arrive and blatantly lie to activists about needing permits to use amplified sound and hold protests on public sidewalks. Of course the activists know that the cops are up to no good, so they have their legal observer talk to the authorities. After a long discussion with the police the legal observer returns to the demonstration and notifies the activists that the police were wrong and that no permits are required to hold legal demonstrations. Nice try Fortress!

After an hour of protesting outside of the MGM Tower where the Fortress Office is located activists pack their materials up and head to Greg Schnider's office, Newmark Knight Frank. Greg Schnider is the son of Fortress Investment's Managing Director, Ian Schnider. Schnider is very vocal about defending his father and Fortress Investment Group. The protest got off to a great start when activists walked right up to the front of the building with megaphones to ensure that everyone in the building could here them loud and clear.

Greg Schnider obviously got the message as he came outside to video tape and take pictures of activists. Activists responded to Schnider's presence immediately by letting everyone within earshot know exactly who he is and what kind of company he and his father, Ian, support. Pedestrians and other people from the office glared at Greg in disgust. It was very obvious to activists that Greg was thoroughly embarrassed. He spent about a hour and a half coming in and out of his office resulting in lot of work being neglected due to the protest. The protest continued until Greg was forced to leave due to shame and embarrassment.

Until every cage is open, and HLS is shut down!

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.



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