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Friday, 22nd April

DC animal rights activists held early morning “meet and greet” demonstrations in solidarity with World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week at the offices of HLS customers and financiers.

First up, was the shared office of AstraZeneca and Bayer, both of whom are top customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences. The buildings security was not expecting activists, which sent them scrambling for the doors and even blocking an employee from entering work fearing activists would get inside. AstraZeneca and Bayer were reminded that protests can happen at anytime, and that they have the power to put an end to all of their unethical induced headaches by severing their bloody contracts with Huntingdon!

Next stop in the morning, was Sanofi-Aventis, who is another top customer and also been getting hit hard all around the world for their inexcusable and outdated use of animals for “research” purposes. Being that it was also earth day and the cost of environmental degradation these companies were contributing to, chants echoed throughout the building “ Sanofi-Aventis, your polluting the land, polluting the water” followed by “Profiting off the animal slaughter”.

Nomura Holdings was next on the list, as the siege of Fortress continues in DC! Nomura is the top shareholder and share board of directors with Fortress Investment Group (FIG), which is the financial life support system of HLS. At Nomura, activists were able to gain entry inside the building and when activists left to continue the protest outside, employees who were coming into work were followed in again, but security staff increased and they decided to lock the front doors. Activists went around to side entrances, which security then had to lock, making all four of the buildings entrances closed and grumpy employees had to stand out in the cold and be educated about Nomura’s role in keeping HLS afloat. It was made clear to Nomura that as an investment company, they need to not “invest” in vivisection and animal exploitation, as protests like the ones that happened today are what they have to look forward to.

AstraZeneca, Bayer, Sanofi- Aventis and Nomura, today was DC’s contribution to World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week and as you know, this is not the first or last time hearing from DC activists. Protests and actions are happening all over the world this week with a clear and united message: Vivisection is outdated, unethical and sloppy pseudo-science that will be “put down” once and for all! In DC, there is no rest for the wicked!

Until all are free!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWhl0mrrWyU




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