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Tuesday, 26th April

But we're not AXA....

Activists paid an overdue visit to AXA in Bristol, armed with megaphones and placards they made a noisy arrival, and it didn't get quite from there onwards. With more activists turning up through out the demo, and even members of the public joining in, AXA staff were embarrassed not only by their lack of understanding when they were made to use the side door by the front being locked but by activists dispelling the disguise their 'ethical policies' provide them with. They tried to trick the protest into leaving them have lunch in peace with the old “but we're not AXA” trick, unfortunately their glass walls showed a very clear 'AXA' sign behind them and the activists were all literate. We can only hope that they were put off their lunch by reminders of the animal suffering they make possible...

AXA's lunch break's over, forward to Astrazeneca's site near Hallen! Who it would appear have gotten a little more jumpy, spotting the car of activists pulling up outside their gate a security guard came running, and within 15 seconds of them getting sights of their gates he had them closed. Where's the fun in that? But the smile of the security quickly faded as him and all staff that were leaving were faced with pictures of the horrors they commit, and loud reminders that their sadism will not go without reaction. If you can't look at it, how can you justify it Astrazeneca? After just over an hour activists left the staff to reconsider their involvement in animal testing, but they will be back, and there's only one way to get rid of them.


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