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Thursday, 28th April

On the day of AstraZeneca's AGM in London a group of activists took to AstraZeneca's Swedish head quarters in Södertälje to let them know what we think about companies torturing and murdering animals for profit. We arrived at the time of their lunch break, which they thought they were going to enjoy outside in the sun. Too bad for them even the nicest weather cannot make a break enjoyable when you have a group of animals lovers equipped with megaphones reminding you of what animal abusers you are.

Their security guards showed up soon but didn't cause us much trouble. We walked around their buildings and after another twenty minutes the cops also showed up and told us they would get tinnitus from our shouting and asked us very kindly to please be quiet. We asked them very kindly to please go away or get some earplugs as we are not quitting.

We kept on for about another ten minutes and watched annoyed employees going back inside due to our presence. Being annoyed is nothing compared to the suffering you pay to be inflicted on innocent, helpless animals! We made it clear that we will come back over and over again until they drop HLS!


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