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Friday, 29th April

Twenty activists gathered in front of AXA's offices in Paris today.

AXA owns shares in AstraZeneca, HLS's main customer. AstraZeneca have been paying HLS to carry out experiments for many years so it's thanks to them and to AXA that HLS can continue killing 500 animals each day.

When we arrived in front of the AXA building, at around 3pm, we found that the metallic blinds were closed. Later, an employee came to us and explained that most of her colleagues had been invited to go home just after lunch. She took a handful of leaflets for her colleagues because they had not been told the real reasons for their free afternoon. The rest of the employees, that were condemned to work, regularly came outside to smoke. They heard all our descriptions on HLS and AstraZeneca's sickening experiments, a recording of HLS dogs screaming and explanations about animal testing being a scientific fraud.

AXA's offices are in a posh area of Paris in which you see bankers, numismatists and art collectors (Drouot auction house). There was a continuous flow of passers by that would stop to take pictures or ask us why AXA was being demoed. We handed out all our leaflets and even had to write our website address (http://cav.asso.fr) on bits of paper.

We'll go back there until AXA sells it's shares or gets AstraZeneca to stop financing animal torture.

Videos: [ One ] [ Two ]

French report: http://cav.asso.fr/fr/20110429-axa.html


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