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Monday, 4th April

Local activists made the regular pilgrimage to AstraZeneca at Horizon Place, 600 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3LU (Tel: 01582 836000) today.

As a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences we will continue to protest them and put pressure on them to cut their ties with the animal abusers at HLS. As we trudged up the hill towards the building with the usual warning sirens blaring from AstraZeneca's security informing their staff that animal rights activists where on site.

We went straight up to the entrance and started chanting through our megaphones, while staff looked out at our posters and banner proclaiming AstraZeneca as an animal abuser!

The staff just looked confused through the windows and started to pull the blinds down on either side of the building as we fanned out across the building's three sides chanting about AstraZeneca’s continued use of HLS and the fraudulent science and cruelty that goes on there.

Employees from the surrounding companies took photos through their windows and walked around to the protest and took leaflets from us.

The police arrived shortly after and they watched us at the front from the AstraZeneca building. We carried on our protest with a great deal of energy, we made sure our message about AstraZeneca's dealings with multiple-exposed HLS must stop and vowed to continue your protests against them until they stop using the puppy punching cowards at HLS and stop funding the vivisection industry.

After a while the police decided to warn us that we were only going to be 'allowed' another 30 minutes of protest (who said freedom to protest was dead in the UK?) Bedfordshire police seem to prefer to protect profiteering animal abusers over the many human animals and non-human animals that are victims of AstraZeneca and HLS's 'research'. How many innocent lives will be lost before they act in a right and just way?

This was just another example of the police working for the corporation rather than the people and we will continue to protest and let people know the truth about AstraZeneca's murky past over their lies over their side effects and the cruelty and abuse they pay for and then we left vowing to continue to come back till AstraZeneca cut their ties with HLS.


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