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Tuesday, 5th April

Today, we paid a long overdue visit to Dublin's most central SHAC target - AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (College Park House, Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Tel: +353 1-6097100).

The security guard manned the doors the entire time we were there, giving us the 'evil eye' from time to time (well, we did make him get off his chair after all!).

Our megaphone was used to great effect and was on from start to finish, telling the staff of the building, passers-by, and the neighbouring companies all about Huntingdon Life Sciences, the blood on AstraZeneca's hands, as well as the moral and scientific wrongs of vivisection.

Most of the comments we got were supportive, with many already aware of the campaign against HLS and eager to take leaflets.

The Gardai arrived fairly quickly, took leaflets to read and decided to stay nearby incase we needed their assistance (as AstraZeneca staff usually throw things at us from their windows). AstraZeneca decided to behave themselves today - what a coincidence!!

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