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Thursday, 7th April

Activists met up at 11:30 today, later than normal, so we could go straight onto the lunchtime period to demo outside Axa's UK HQ, at 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD (Tel: 020 7920 5900). Predictably, Axa closed all their entrance doors, only to open them slightly to let people in or out. It's no use trying to hide from the shame of being caught out as a hypocritical corporation and hiding away from your responsibility to dump your unethical investments.

Why would you want to buy shares in AstraZeneca? A company that continues to use the most exposed lab in the world who have been caught on camera punching beagle puppies and cutting open monkeys with no anesthetic, a company that over charges doctors for their drugs, suppresses test data, lies about side effects of their drugs, doesn't pay their taxes on time, price fixing, the list goes on...

Maybe you think its ok to use such a company while you make profit from them, but a great deal of people don't. We will continue to name and shame you and make public your unethical dealings until you do something about it and get rid of your shares in AstraZeneca and become a more ethical company. Like it states in their ethical policy on your website? You may also want to call the RSPCA on: 0800 032 5952 and ask them why they continue to use Axa for the RSPCA's pet insurance?

Axa either you continue to make money from the torture and abuse of animals and come clean to the public and the RSPCA about it stating you don't give a damn about animals or you stop funding the abuse inside HLS through their customers.

We will never stop or back down until you do the right thing Axa!

SHAC London



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