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Friday, 8th April

It's been another tough week for HLS' customer AstraZeneca, with their public image being tainted yet again.

During the latest of the pharmaceutical conferences that AZ was attending, activists once again seized the opportunity to name and shame AZ for their continued involvement with the puppy killers, HLS.

As AZ's speaker was due to begin his presentation, activists made their way to the front of the conference room, unfurling posters depicting the truth behind the experiments conducted inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.
With the delegates sat in stunned silence, activists launched into a speech, exposing the reality of animal abuse, staff negligence, misconduct and falsifying test data, all of which is standard practice inside this corrupt laboratory.

AstraZeneca's involvement was also explained to the attendees, including their shameful history of being raided by the European Commission and over charging doctors for the pharmaceuticals.

This was another embarrassing demonstration over AstraZeneca's ties with HLS, with the pressure mounting for them to pull out of their contract with the world's most exposed animal testing lab.

As the activists were led from the building, a large crowd of press and members of the public which had gathered for the 'Inspiration Awards', which the conference was also hosting, turned their attention to the activists, clearly concerned by the imagery displayed on the posters and the revelations of the sickening companies that the centre had allowed to use it's premises.

Let us hope that AstraZeneca will be inspired by this most recent protest and make the ethical decision to drop HLS. Otherwise we can assure them that we will continue to highlight their involvement in animal abuse and torture where ever they go.

There's no escape for the 70,000 animals inside HLS and there's certainly going to be no escape from being exposed for supporting them AstraZeneca until you dump HLS!

SHAC London



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