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Friday, 12th August

Activists arrived outside of AXA in Birmingham City Centre again today, to hold another protest against the company for being a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

First up, we went inside to speak to staff about any progress that may of been made on the organisation of a meeting between us and AXA heads, we were told that they "are working on this" and that a date for the meeting "should be arranged within the month from our agreement". We await any further progress...

We then staged a protest outside of their doors, once again catching the attention of many members of the public, who gathered to watch the protest and crowds of them were sustained throughout as they watched us name and shame AXA for their blood-money dealings, some of them came up to us to speak with us about the campaign, lots of people took leaflets and some were so disgusted by AXA's unethical ties with AZ and HLS that they too joined in with the protest.

Next up, we moved on to demonstrate against Aviva, who are landlords for AstraZeneca's global offices in London, where upon our arrival we split into two groups; one group slipped passed unsuspecting security guards and took to their roof with a banner which reads "Aviva, Landlords Of Puppy Killers" and the other group took to the front where Aviva were shamed for being involved with AstraZeneca. When the other activists later joined the group at the front, once again security guards emerged and tried to assault activists, but to no avail they then resorted to locking the doors and lowering the shutters. Staff at Aviva appear to be very frustrated by the protests, as some of them could be seen shouting almost as loud as us... not quite though ;)

Members of the public responded to our protest by watching, beeping their horns, taking leaflets and giving us their words of encouragement. There is no excuse or justification for dealing with these despicable, vile companies.

Finally, we headed over to Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS), who have a contract with Huntingdon Life Sciences in supplying them with equipment.

Upon arrival, we encountered the 'designated protest area', complete with cones and funny document, in which they had laid out, however knowing that they had no power to enforce anything, we decided to move it to a more apt area, ie outside of their doors and because we are lawful protesters and all we then stood inside it. This made them all the more shirty and moody than usual, so they came out, grabbed the cones and paper and took it all back inside... and then locked their doors up, spoil sports!

We carried on our demonstration, questioning where the sense is on any level for ICS to be dealing with HLS. No ethics. No science. Total cruelty. Total fraudulence. And the only aspect that struggles more than their financing, is their reputation!

Because of the ongoing protests against ICS, at their old site they installed automated metal shutters, and at this newer site of their's, they have now had barbed wire and spikes installed! An expensive feature which makes their site look more like a compound than just normal offices. This once again goes to show, vivisection = wasting lives and wasting money! And just like the automated metal shutters didn't stop us, neither will this!

When the police arrived, they threatened us with "section 141 of the public order act", which doesn't exist. Then they threatened us with "breach of the peace", also irrelevant as there was nothing violent about our protest. So then they imposed a section 14 on our protest and asked us to stop using megaphones, another wrong move as not only was the imposure unlawful but also section 14 legislation does not even include anything regarding the usage of megaphones! We proved our point and continued protesting (with megaphones), to which the police then stood at a distance and watched the remainder of our demonstration.

Deal with them? DEAL WITH US!

SHAC Midlands



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