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Friday, 12th August

London activists headed to Axa Investment Managers at 7 Newgate Street, London for the first of two protests against Axa's collaboration with AstraZeneca over cruel, pointless animal experiments at HLS. Activists continue to highlight that while Axa try to make out they are an ethical company with links to the RSPCA, they also help fund the discredited AstraZeneca and animal torture at HLS. 70,000 animals being abused at any one time. We call on Axa to either come clean about their unethical investments to their customers, or pull out of financing the vivisection industry once and for all.

Axa have allegedly promised to have a meeting with Birmingham activists over their involvement with animal abuse. But companies have lied to us in the past and we'll have to see what Axa's next step is...

In the meantime we'll continue to protest outside Axa's offices until they either get AstraZeneca to pull out of HLS or sell their shares in AZ.

We later moved on to Axa's UK HQ offices at 5 Old Broad Street, London, where a loud and educational protest commenced at their entrance for all to see, with much interest and support from passing public and vehicles. One person said that he would not longer use Axa as the told him they were an ethical company and he told the activists that he was going to seek legal advice to cancel his policies with them and get a total refund as Axa lied about their involvement with HLS.

We urge all customers of Axa to do the same while they fund animal abuse at HLS.

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