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Monday, 15th August

6pm - Activists have converged on Highgate Farm, Highgate Lane, between Normanby by Spital and Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, who are breeders of rabbits and ferrets to the vivisection industry and supply vivisection labs across the country including HLS. The peaceful campers are calling on the closure of the farm, and for the Geoffrey Douglas to hand the animals over to a suitable organisation for rehoming.

Highgate Farm were exposed after a daring night-time liberation of 129 rabbits were horrifc, dirty conditions were documented. This led onto a campaign to close Highgate Farm down with different protests at the 'farm' over the past couple of years, including other protest camps.

Today, we decided to continue to focus and highlight Highgate Farm for their cruel trade in supplying animals for torture and abuse.

So a protest camp was set up near Highgate Farm. Activists arrived and cordoned off a piece of land outside the farm, with section 6 notices and set our tents up, plus a central area for the protest site. We have placed banners and placards up reading: 'Close Down Highgate Farm', Save the Highgate Rabbits' and Save the Highgate Ferrets, along with SHAC placards around the camp site.

The owner, Geoff Douglas appears to be out at the moment. However, a sports car hasjust driven past and the driver gave us a middle finger salute, which surely amounts to careless driving? Before driving into Highgate Farm.

The passing public driving home from work have given us support, with supportive beeps and waves at activists there and we will continue to put Highgate Farm back on the spotlight for their cruel business, more updates soon.

9pm - The police have arrived to talk with the campers and provided street lighting from their vans, with engines running, doing their bit for climate change. But by 11pm the camp site is settling down for it's first night outside Highgate Farm.

1am - Later, in the middle of the night, the police entered the camp and arrested two activists under Section 42a of the Criminal Justice and Policing act as they hadn't given their details, and imposed it on the remaining activists present that we had to leave the area for 36 hours. (Even though the police are already being sued over an unlawful imposure and arresting under this section at last year's protest camp against Highgate Farm)

We intend to continue the camp, and it will resume again on Thursday. We are making other plans if they try to stop our legal, peaceful protest again.

Regardless of Douglas's and the police's futile attempts to disrupt and end our protest camp, we will continue it, we will continue to pressure Highgate Farm to close down and we will continue to highlight the cruelty in which Highgate Farm is responsible for to the public.

If you would like to get involved with the campaign to close Highgate Farm down or come and give your support to the protest camp, please call: 07866 826994

Until all are free,
until all cages are empty,
we'll fight for the silent victims of
oppresion, torture and abuse!

See you on the streets!


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