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Thursday, 18th August

Day Two

4pm - After police's unreasonable conduct and unlawful arrests on Monday. We arrived back outside Highgate Farm, this time with a protest caravan! We cordoned off our protest area and put up Sec 6 notices again. Geoffrey Douglas was cutting his grass when we arrived, but he jumped off his lawnmower and scurried off to call the police (Highgate's own private security, paid by taxpayers) who arrived within minutes.

We placed our banners and placards around again and resumed our peaceful protest camp. Police just monitored it. We had support from locals, some of them bought us food and we gave them some drinks, some other locals took Highgate Farm leaflets to go door to door to highlight what Highgate Farm are involved in - the supplying of rabbits and ferrets for torture and abuse in vivisection labs across the UK - the locals told us that Geoffrey Douglas is not popular locally, us he treats the villagers with contempt and the locals gave us words of support.

11pm - Once again, the police have decided to impose Section 42 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act again, but only until 9am tomorrow. So activist will once return in the morning. We'll have to see how day three goes...

If you would like to get involved with the campaign to close Highgate Farm down or come and give your support to the protest camp, please call: 07866 826994.


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