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Friday, 19th August

Day Three

9am - After the police imposed Sec 42a last night, we were back outside Highgate Farm at 9am. When we arrived Douglas was talking with the police at the gates of Highgate Farm, we set up camp again and continued our peaceful vigil. And although the police said we could come back to the farm this morning, within a short period of time we were told that the police were going to impose yet another Sec 42a, this time banning us from the area (which was vague and still unknown to the campaigners, as the police gave no map or paperwork).

10am - The police thought that would be the end of our protest against Highgate Farm. How little do they know about our resolve. We thought, we'll go and do some public outreach in the nearby villages and towns instead.

We set up camp again just outside Market Rasen and headed into the town centre, along with a rabbit costume and close down Highgate Farm banner and leaflets. We were met with a lot of interest and support and gave out a lot of leaflets, while the passing motorists beeped their horns and waved.

The police continue to follow us everywhere, but the protests will continue against Highgate Farm and we will keep one step ahead of the police who try their best to stiffle our peaceful, legimate protests.

The Market Rasen Mail came to talk to us and are going to report on the protest camps and public outreach soon.

If you would like to get involved with the campaign to close Highgate Farm down or come and give your support to the protest camp, please call: 07866 826994.


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