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Friday, 19th August

This week saw the continuation of SHAC London’s regular demonstrations against AstraZeneca’s shareholders in the city.

The day started with a visit to BlackRock (33 King William Street), where their involvement in the corrupt vivisection industry was broadcast to the many people passing their offices. Tourists and city workers alike were horrified to learn of BlackRock’s connection with AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences, especially after hearing about HLS’ track record of damming exposés which have documented widespread falsification of test data, staff misconduct and violence.

Following this activists continued to increase the pressure against Axa by protesting at two of their offices within the city, starting with their Head Quarters (5 Old Broad Street) and then moving to their other office near St. Paul’s (7 Newgate Street). Whilst there, speeches were made and many leaflets distributed to the public. On many occasions during the speeches describing what is happening inside Huntingdon people could be seen stopping to listen and were clearly repulsed by the suffering that Axa is complicit in.

During the demos Axa’s hypocrisy was highlighted in regards to their worthless ‘ethical policy’ – how can they claim to have any moral standards whilst investing in a discredited pharmaceutical company like AstraZeneca? A company which was raided by the European Commission for colluding to keep cheaper drugs off the market (notice a pattern amongst the practices of these animal abusing corporations…) and suppressing test data. A company which persists in giving it’s custom to the world’s 3rd largest contract animal research laboratory and the most notorious globally due to their long history of shocking cruelty, torture and killing.

The day concluded with a demo outside of Legal & General (1 Coleman Street), who’ve been feeling the pressure recently and are clearly unhappy with the bad press they’ve been receiving. Not wanting to shy away from confronting the reality of animal suffering caused by the greed of companies like Legal & General that are financing AstraZeneca and HLS, activists held a noisy demo informing workers and the public about the truth.

The truth is that while companies like Legal & General may try to pretend to themselves that what’s going on at HLS is excusable because it’s profitable, in actuality it feels no less terrible to the victims that are bred into the industry than it would if it were done to any other individuals. It was made clear to Legal & General that although they seem to have no qualms about turning away from the torture of animals they don’t know inside the lab, it would almost certainly be a different situation if the same violence was inflicted upon their ‘pets’. Would they be able to ignore it or laugh it off if somebody entered their homes and punched their companion animals in the face, swore at them, restrained them, poisoned them or cut them open whilst they were still alive?

It’s time for these corporations to admit that money doesn’t make these types of atrocities acceptable. For the individuals who are subjected to this torture it is an inescapable living hell and the fact that their torturers are profiting from it is of no consolation to them.

For each of these individuals, SHAC will continue to fight.

Until every cage is empty.

SHAC London



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