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Sunday, 21st August

Day Five

After such a great response from the public yesterday, today activists headed back to Lincoln City Centre for Day 5 of the campaign. We parked up with the Close Down Highgate Farm banner in the convenient spot by the busy road on the outskirts of the City Centre and then headed into the City Centre with other banners, the rabbit costume and yet another surprise up our sleeves...

When we got into the City Centre, we decided to further show our creative side by creating a HUGE chalk piece against Highgate Farm which surrounded itself by the many interested public. We chalked "Close Down Highgate Farm", along with 2 drawings of rabbits, underneath was "Highgate Farm Breeds Rabbits And Ferrets For Torture" as well as website links to the Close Highgate Farm campaign and SHAC campaign. With this we captivated the attention of even more members of the public, who also had saw the banners with flowers and a giant rabbit wondering around with leaflets too.

Once again throughout the whole day we sustained many people who came to look at the scene we had created in Lincoln City Centre and find out more. People are disgusted to know about what is on their doorstep, and about what Highgate Farm is all about - the torture and murder of innocent lives through horrific experiments and dangerous drugs in the name of fraudulence, corruption and blood-money. Many leaflets were handed out, over the Protest Camp we have handed out thousands of them. Some people vowed to get involved with the campaign, whilst others said they would be "spreading this information" throughout their neighbourhoods and workplaces, shops continue to display our leaflets and other members of the public even took leaflets there and then to help us hand them out!

We feel over-whelmed by this excellent public response, and by shops who have also charged our phones when we needed them to, given us free goods to use on the Protest Camp as well as one site allowing us to stay there for free, all because of their support for us and the campaign, thank you!

The police tried to label our chalking "graffiti", but hey there's nothing wrong with political street art! They kept a close watch on us all day - they must not have anything better to do, or they have but are more interested in trying to bother lawful campaigners (which they didn't).

Finally we then proceeded to lay a memorial with flowers to all the rabbits, ferrets and other animals killed each year by Highgate Farm and other vivisection businesses.

Other papers have been contacted and they may also be writing an article about the Protest Camp too.

All of this shows that in the face of Douglas and the Police's attempts to disrupt and stop a legal, peaceful Protest Camp, our determination saw us through and not only that but we were able to campaign very effectively regardless.

We NEVER give in and we ALWAYS win!

This fight will always go on until Geoffrey Douglas makes the right choice to end Highgate Farm, for the millions of lives taken each year by the vivisection industry and for real science.




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