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Monday, 22nd August

From Uncaged: www.uncaged.co.uk

The UK Government is currently holding a crucial consultation exercise on how it will ‘transpose’ the new EU Directive on animal experiments into UK national laws. This ends on 5 September and will set the scene for animal experiments for a generation.

The entire animal protection movement has extremely serious concerns that the Government wants to relax the already-weak controls on animal experiments. For example, it is threatening to implement loopholes that would allow:

  • The infliction of severe and prolonged pain
  • Experiments on great apes
  • Experiments on stray/feral animals, leading to stolen pets being used in experiments

However, the following proposals are likely to have even deeper pernicious effects:

  • Less independent assessment of experimental proposals
  • Approving millions of poisoning tests on animals and the breeding of GM animals without proper assessment or accountability
  • Maintaining excessive secrecy

Please speak up for defenceless animals by submitting your views to this consultation exercise. Click here for further analysis and our expert guidance on how to participate.


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