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Monday, 22nd August

To begin August’s AstraZeneca Attack Week of Action in London, activists decided to stage a surprise stunt to greet staff into work at each of the main shareholder’s offices.

The activists broke off into pairs and each headed to a different location – the Axa HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, BlackRock at 33 King William Street, Legal & General at 1 Coleman Street and another Axa at 7 Newgate Street.

With one member of each pair prepared to film the action and speak to the public about why they were there, the other members dressed to kill. With their faces covered in ‘blood’ and their mouths full of… Vegetable soup and rice spray cream… They were dying to begin the protests.

As Big Ben chimed 8am, the demos began simultaneously at each location – where the injured activists staggered towards their assigned targets and began choking and vomiting as they made it ever closer to the offices of the scummy investment companies, before collapsing outside. Each victim clutched a placard (“killed by AstraZeneca, funded by ...........”) as their remaining strength drained from their bodies, leaving them lying bloody and lifeless. As these scenes unfolded, the passing public were shocked and concerned, confused by what was happening and unsure how to react. It took a while before everyone realised the victims were merely acting.

Hundreds of people stopped to stare at the victims, read their signs and take leaflets from the support people, with pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers alike stopping to get a closer look at the ‘corpses’. When a few buses stopped close to the casualty outside the Axa HQ, the passengers could be seen moving closer to the windows so they could try to ascertain what was happening. Of course, throughout the demos there were plenty of the mindless city worker zombies, too distracted by thoughts of their 9-5 to notice what could have been a dying/dead woman by their scurrying feet. It’s no wonder that people who are so self absorbed that they fail to notice death when it’s right in front of them, don’t care about the hundreds of lives that are taken from individuals locked away inside distant laboratories.

Reassuringly however, there were plenty of people who did acknowledge our victims and stop to check if they were alive (a big thank you to the guy in the pink shirt who stopped to check one activist’s pulse!), some of them almost phoning for ambulances before realising that it wasn’t the campaigners that were ill, it’s the companies that are sick! Thankfully the police were on hand to assure the public there had no need for concern (I’m not sure what came over me then – oh wait, it’s sarcasm) and to complain that it isn’t nice for people to have to see the dead protesters… Well, it’s not nice for the 500 animals who die for real inside HLS every single day because of what these companies are supporting, it’s time for people to face the truth. Compared to the hell that the animals are going through inside Huntingdon, seeing a handful of protesters with fake injuries really is (in the words of one of BlackRock’s security guards) “having a laugh” – nothing can seriously convey the suffering and pain of the true victims of this disgusting industry.

While 8 people take to the streets of London to highlight the torture happening within HLS, 70 thousand animals are locked inside there, waiting to be experimented on and killed. None of them will escape the lab alive – there will be nothing strong enough to wash away their wounds.

A final thought for AstraZeneca and their shareholders – as was said to our friendly neighbourhood copper (after he turned up to the Axa HQ, exclaiming that he’d already been to another similar incident) it’s an “epidemic” – the campaign to close down HLS is an epidemic that will continue to target anyone involved in this scummy company. Whilst you continue to prop up this violent, bloody business, we will continue to highlight your involvement and to speak ill of your dirty, disgusting dealings with the world’s most notorious animal testing laboratory.

You’ll never know what will be coming next – but we’re dying to expose the sick lengths that you’re willing to go to in order to make your blood money.

The plague is spreading, but you have the cure – cut your ties with HLS or your headache has only just begun.

SHAC London

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0M83-IwVKs



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