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Wednesday, 24th August

As part of the week of action against AstraZeneca, activists descended on AstraZeneca Luton at, Horizon Place, 600 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3LU Tel: +44 (0)1582 836000. We held a noisy, informative demo and walked around their property highlighting their unethical ties with HLS and telling them about the horrors they are personally contributing to. Employees listened and looked out of the windows as we told them about monkeys inside HLS being so scared they vomited their own faeces, and asked them to think about being in that position as they worked at their desks. Surely these thoughts must spark some empathy in the workers, who wants to be involved in the murder and torture of 500 frightened, innocent animals a day? We urged them to go to their bosses and ask them about their involvement in HLS.

We reminded them about their previous lawsuits, involving anti depression drugs which caused diabetes in users and how they can’t afford another one, so it’s time they cut their ties with HLS! They surely don’t want to go down with an expensive, sinking ship!

Other employees from the business park came up and asked why we were there and were disgusted to find out that right next door is a company that is funding gross animal abuse. They gave us their support and took leaflets.

Finally the police came. We continued our protest, undeterred for another 30 mins totallying 1 hour of shaming them and giving them everything we had as they started to come out at the end of the day.

We are determined to make you pull out of HLS, AstraZeneca. You don’t need HLS, but HLS need you. We will be back!

Watch this space!!


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