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Wednesday, 24th August

Activists in Montreal decided to head out to the Windsor Station where the 8th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences were holding a non vegetarian dinner for all those attending the conference. Due to our presence at the conference on August 22nd, we were greeted by at least 6 rent-a-cops hired by those in charge of the conference. Apparently they didn't appreciate the massive support that we received on Monday night and all the literature that we handed out, so they thought that they would try to stop us by having a goon squad there waiting for us.

Unfortunately for them, it would take a little more then that to stop us. One peculiar looking, orange faced, spray tanned and extremely "slow" member of the squad, charged at us violently ordering us off of the sidewalk yelling that "we can do this the hard way or the easy way". It was actually quite hilarious! We video taped the clumsy and comical oaf, then we chose to do things the easy way. We called the police, who completely made fools of the "security team" by enforcing our legal rights and saying that we had every right to remain exactly where we were and continue to demonstrate. The orange goon immediately went and hid inside the building for the remaining time that we were there, leaving his team mates to stand around by themselves looking silly!

We got right down to business and made sure that we reached every single attendee of the conference on their way into the dinner, shared leaflets and conversations with nearly all. Everyone was sickened by how AstraZeneca pays Huntington Life Sciences to torture animals, despite all the undercover footage inside the labs of HLS. We also mentioned that Merck and Pfizer still had ties with HLS, to which they voiced their disgust about as well. AstraZeneca (and the other HLS customers who helped sponsor the conference) still didn't staff their tables at the exhibition, but that was no problem, we were more then happy to speak on behalf of AstraZeneca as we had done previously.

AstraZeneca, it's time to cut your ties with Huntington Life Sciences. We will never back down, get off the sinking ship and start swimming before it's too late!




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