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Thursday, 25th August

As well as the protests at Teva, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer today there were demos also going on at AstraZeneca targets to highlight the August's AstraZeneca Attack, week of action where we headed towards the main HLS customer AstraZeneca in Zoetermeer. Unfortunately for AstraZeneca they had many visitors at that moment, because their area was packed with cars and their party tents were standing everywhere. We made our way to their entrance and confronted them with the placards and our megaphones. We made sure every single person in there would notice us. AstraZeneca is the main target at the moment and we will make sure they are not going to like it - at all!

Next target was MedImmune, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca. When we arrived all their windows were already covered because of the sunshine. When we made our way to the entrance and turned on our megaphones, their high security metal door was already closing. A costumer which just arrived was looking very surprised why they didn't want to let him in. Again we made sure the message to MedImmune was very clear. As long as AZ is a customer of HLS, they will be a target as well and we will not back down!

Dealing with HLS is for greedy cowards, for us it's serious business! We will keep targetting anyone connected to HLS with AstraZeneca as our main focus. For every animal that died inside HLS we will give them hell. So everyone reading this right now, take action in your country and make sure those animal abusers are not going to get away with it! SHAC will remain as long as HLS is open!

SHAC Netherlands

Until the last cage is empty! If you would like to get involved in the Nederlands, then please contact: info@respectvoordieren.nl



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