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Thursday, 25th August

We did mobile demos at several top HLS customers across the Netherlands. We started the day at HLS customer Teva in Utrecht. We walked to their office and before Teva noticed us we turned on our megaphones and started making noise in front of their office windows and entrance. Within a short time their windows got covered by their shutters and everyone jumped underneath their office tables. We continued our demonstration for a while and just before the cops arrived we got back in our cars and were on our way to HLS customer Bristol Myers Squibb in Woerden.

We arrived at their office, ran at their entrance and made sure every single worker of BMS would not forget that day. We have been so many times in front of their office, announced and not announced, but one thing is sure, we will always come back until they drop HLS!

Last HLS customer of the day was Pfizer. We made sure to not let anyone notice us until we made it towards their entrance door, at the last moment one of their workers got out, looked at us and tried to make a quick run back to their entrance. Unfortunately he was not as well trained as us and although we had to run twice the distance as him, he soon gave up and we got into their main hall. Soon enough their main hall was covered in their own filthy flyers and a hell of noice went through their entire building. Customers dealing with HLS will not get away with it!

SHAC Nederlands

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