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During the Global Week of Action against AstraZeneca, San Francisco Bay Area activists took to the streets with two days of demonstrations against the largest shareholder of AstraZeneca, BlackRock, Inc.

Friday, 26th August

A dozen activists visited the BlackRock office on Howard Street, in San Francisco's busy financial district. Activists showed up around 4pm and shamed BlackRock until the end of the work day.

Security guards looked on and hid inside as hundreds of passersby were made aware of what goes on inside of HLS on a daily basis, and the cruelty and illegality that BlackRock Inc. invests in and supports.

Activists took both exits as Blackrock employees called it a day, to send them a simple message: Divest from AstraZeneca, stop bankrolling the killings of 500 animals per day or we'll be back time and time again. We received many thumbs up and honks of support. San Francisco is a very progressive community, and it's residents will never tolerate injustice.

Saturday, 27th August

Activists visited the homes of two BlackRock employees. We successfully sent the message that all of BlackRock's employees will be named and shamed until they divest from AstraZeneca. The first stop was the Alameda, CA home of software engineer Gerard Guillemette. Activists chanted and marched around the neighborhood for some time.
Gerard was not home, but his neighbors came outside and voiced their support. They were disgusted and revolted by the reality of what Gerard's employer invests in and is responsible for. Activists left Gerard with a promise:
"We'll be back (and we always win!)" A private security guard tried to hassle activists as they left, but was met with cold shoulders.

The next and final stop was the Oakland home of Tracy Helmsworth, BlackRock manager. A dozen activists demonstrated in her neighborhood for nearly an hour. All of her neighbors voiced their support and chatted with activists. Her next door neighbors talked with activists, and thanked us for bringing the message to their neighborhood. Entire families came out in support. Tracy, your neighbors are ashamed of you.

Two police cars arrived, and officers told us what we already knew: demonstrating is our first amendment right. Calling the authorities will never stop us from speaking out about abuse and injustice. BlackRock, it's your choice: Sever your ties with AstraZeneca, stop supporting sloppy science and brutality, or activists everywhere will continue to name and shame you at your homes and offices.




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