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Friday, 26th August

Continuing our week's protests as part of the Global Day of Action against AstraZeneca. Our day began with a demo against Legal & General's premises at 1 Coleman Street. They seemed uncomfortable as activists named and shamed them for continuing to support HLS. They know they have power over AstraZeneca and that they can put pressure on them to stop supporting HLS and yet they refuse to do so. Well Legal & General, we'll continue to tell your neighbours, staff and the public about what you're involved in until you stop dealing with companies such as HLS and AstraZeneca.

The energy and speeches continued at Axa's premises on Newgate Street. Axa won't give HLS insurance, but they still thought they could get away with their support of AstraZeneca, despite knowing the link between them and HLS. People stopped to listen to what we were saying about this company and its ties with animal abuse and scientific fraud and we felt a lot of support from passers-by. Some even stopped to join in with our chants.

Next in line were BlackRock at 33 King William Street, who weren't happy that we were back and feeling undeterred by the rain. The animals being tortured in laboratories don't get the chance to feel the wind or rain, the sun or fresh air and we won't let them down by hiding away and staying silent when the weather's wet. Again, there was a lot of support from passers-by who took leaflets and asked questions about what Black Rock were involved with.

We concluded the day with a demo at the Axa HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, continuing to let people know what kind of companies they support financially. Axa claim to have an ethical policy and yet they're associating themselves with the World's most exposed animal testing laboratory and the discredited AstraZeneca.

We're urging all shareholders of AstraZeneca to sell their shares in this unethical company, to put pressure on them to sever their ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences and to adopt an ethical method of research, not animal experimentation!

Until every cage is empty,

SHAC London



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