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Friday, 26th August

DC activists got active in solidarity with the week of action against AstraZeneca with office protests at the offices of AZ and other customers of HLS. First stop was the American Petroleum Institute which has been testing toxic effects of unleaded gasoline on rats at Huntingdon Life Sciences and headquartered in DC. In solidarity with the beginning of two weeks of action in DC against the Tar Sands pipeline, animal rights activists showed up at the offices of API with a letter demanding an end to the obscene cruelty and cut their ties with HLS.

Security at API refused to allow the delivery of the letter to it's recipient, demanding it go to the mailroom for "screening" instead. Had API refused the letter outright, they would have received a noisy protest with bullhorns and graphic signs then and there.

Since the letter is in API's mail system, they will now be given time to respond to the letter, but if that response is to refuse to dump HLS, they will then receive protests like the one AstraZeneca, Bayer and Sanofi-Aventis got about a half hour later.

One aspect of these protests is holding the rest of a culprit's dirty little secrets up to public scrutiny. In the case of Bayer, this was their history of having introduced the world to heroin and later of owning a major stake in the Auschwitz death camp in Nazi Germany, as well as manufacturing Zyklon B for that facility and others. To have this aired out by a Jewish activist on the bullhorn is the sort of press Bayer would rather do without!

DC activists will continue to name and shame those who do business with HLS and will never back down.

Truly this week for AstraZeneca and others, there is no rest for the wicked! - Until All Are Free!

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