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Wednesday, 31st August

Eight activists marched up the slopes to HLS customer AstraZeneca at Horizon Place, 600 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3LU (Tel: 01582 836000) for another protest against them.

We were greeted by two police officers. Who said they were going to impose a section 14 on us before we even started our peaceful protest! We challenged the police on this and seeked legal advice, while naming and shaming AstraZeneca for all their failings as well as their dealings with animal abuse at HLS and in their own labs where they torture animals to death for no other reason than profit. While AZ continue to support HLS, the most exposed lab in the world and say that there is no animal suffering at HLS, we'll continue to protest against them.

AstraZeneca have been in the news about their many court settlements for the side effects of their drug Seroquel as well as it being found in with mis-packaged Nurofen more recently. Are AstraZeneca trying to sell even more of their damaging drugs to the unsuspecting public my sticking them in the wrong boxes?

Remember, AstraZeneca have been caught out trying to suppress test data and lie about side effects of their drugs. It's time they did their PR some good and ditch HLS. While they think it is ok to punch beagle puppies in the face and let people under the influence of drugs and alcohol test on animals then they can only expect more of the same.

We left after 45 minutes (the time we were given to protest under the Sec 14). We will continue to challenge Bedfordshire police's cosy arrangement with AstraZeneca and the misuse of Sec 14 on peaceful protestors. It will not deter us.



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