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Tuesday, 9th August

Around 20 activists came together to hold 3 demonstrations against BlackRock and AstraZeneca. Since Fortress Investment Group recently confirmed their dropping of Huntingdon Life Sciences on July 10th, BlackRock and AstraZeneca have become the focal point of activists in Los Angeles. Such a focus was kicked off during the Animal Rights National Conference and has been picking up momentum ever since.

The first stop was in front of the California Plaza around 4pm where the Los Angeles BlackRock office is located on the 37th floor. Upon arrival approximately 8 security guards were lined up across the property line to make a feeble attempt to prevent protesters from walking up to the front doors of the office. Of course the security guards were unsuccessful and the activists pushed their way to the front of the building and made sure that BlackRock and the other tenants of the building were well aware of all the commotion going on outside. When the activists felt that their message was made clear they returned to the public sidewalk to carry on with the demonstration for about a hour.

Next, activists went to Linda Arnette's neighborhood to educate her neighbors about her bloody ties with BlackRock and HLS. Arnette is a director at the BlackRock office in Los Angeles and therefore owes it to the 70,000 animals inside of HLS to make the compassionate decision and get BlackRock to drop HLS. When activists showed up to Arnette's residence there was a taxi cab sitting outside, and it appeared that the Arnette's were getting ready to leave but headed back inside when the demonstration got started. The demo lasted about 45 minutes, and the taxi cab waited the whole time!

Finally, the night came to an end at Charles Carr's home. Carr is the regional trainer for AstraZeneca. The neighbour directly across from Carr's home turned on his sprinklers to get activists wet in a attempt to detour activists from standing in front of his house (of course the activists only found the sprinklers to be comical). There were several families out on the streets screaming at the protesters while simultaneously scaring their own children and then trying to put the blame on the activists. One neighbor even parked her car directly in front of the protest and with extremely loud rock music playing and had her horn going off for an extended period of time. The protesters cheered her on because the vehicle was much louder than any of the activists could have dreamed of being.




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