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Wednesday, 14th December

Activists surprised both Astrazeneca and AXA today with demos they weren't expecting. They arrived outside the Avonmouth site of Astrazeneca at 8am to greet already unhappy workers as they travelled through wind and hail to work. We saw cracks starting to show from this early morning surprise when drivers lost their usual stern faces and tried to run activists down. The activists stood their ground and made sure they were aware of just what the work day ahead was causing.

Then at lunch time activists popped up at an AXA office, on Marlborough street, which hadn't had any demonstrations in the past and made sure they were shamed in front of those leaving the courts opposite. Even AXA staff supported the demonstrations, one of them coming out and giving activists an umbrella! If your staff want to help us AXA, you haven't got much chance.

There was one final demonstration at the usual AXA office in Spectrum House but the receptionist of the building lost their cool this time and assaulted one of the activists, pushing them to the floor. These activists will not be intimidated by their violence and so the demo continued regardless.

Tempers seemed to be high between AXA and Astrazeneca staff, maybe it's because they're starting to realise they can't continue supporting the cruelty of HLS without brining on demonstrations, or maybe Christmas isn't a good time of year for them, I guess we'll see because the demonstrations will continue until HLS is closed and every cage is empty!

If you would like to get involved with campaigning in the Bristol area then please contact, BARC: barc@hotmail.co.uk



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