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Friday, 16th December

Today activists continued the heated campaign against AstraZeneca (one of HLS's biggest customers) and it's shareholders. At 11am activists held a loud and informative demonstration outside of AXA's UK headquarters at 5 Old Broad Street, letting their employees and the public know about their dodgy dealings with AstraZeneca and HLS. As usual, the employees entered and left the building with their heads hung in shame and with some degree of frustration that the unrelenting activists were there again to highlight how unethical the company they work for is. It's clear that they're getting sick of us, and they know there's only one way to get rid of us! Fortunately for you AXA, you have a way to remedy your headache but for the 70,000 animals inside HLS there is no escape until companies like you refuse to fund their torture. Sell your shares in AstraZeneca and don't deal with HLS, maybe you won't have a headache anymore!

Activists continued to Blackrock at Drapers Garden, undeterred by the freezing London weather, where another noisy and passionate demonstration was held. We think its absolutely disgusting that companies like Blackrock are directly involved in the deaths of 200,000 people a year by funding the discredited pharmaceutical AstraZeneca to make dangerous drugs. These are tested on innocent, terrified non-human animals inside the hell hole HLS. A company that doesn't care about humans is even less likely to care about non-human animals which is why they go to HLS, which is known to test anything for anyone willing to pay. It's about time you stopped lying to the public and your workers about your Unethical policy, Blackrock and cut your involvement in the vivisection industry.

After a quick break to warm up before braving the cold again, we paid a visit to workers as they left AstraZeneca's HQ, giving out information packs about the 'free' side-effects AstraZeneca have have given us with their drugs: high risk of suicide, depression and anxiety, diabetes, heart attacks and an added dose of gross animal abuse. People passing us were shocked and appalled at the information we gave them, and many workers were interested to find out what was in the packs, reading them on their way home from work. Eventually security turned up and violently tried to stop our activity by kicking our sign down and threatening to push one of the activists in the canal! Clearly they were angry because our methods of reaching out to people were successful, and AstraZeneca, whom they are trying to protect, want as few people to know about their dark dealings with HLS and their deadly drugs as possible.

Let it be known, AstraZeneca, that we are not scared of your heavies and we will not back down, no matter what you throw at us! We will not stop until you stop!

It was an eventful day, and it was good to see that many members of the public were supportive. We NEVER give up and we ALWAYS win! Until HLS is shut and every cage is empty!

SHAC London



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