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Thursday, 22nd December

Today, we decided to pay AstraZeneca (College Park House, Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland) a not-so-jolly pre-Christmas visit!

The disgruntled security guard stood watch at the doors the entire time, giving us the evil-eye and double-checking that the doors were locked! While staff looked on.

Megaphone on the go the entire time, people on the street stood to watch, listen, and take leaflets. We got many comments of support, and like last time, staff from neighbouring companies were quick to assure us that they had nothing to do with AstraZeneca.

For the animals trapped inside HLS right now, and for those who died before them, we won't stop until Huntingdon Life Sciences ceases to exist. To make that happen, customers like AstraZeneca need to cut their ties with them - which means we'll be the thorn in their side until they do!

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