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Thursday, 8th December

As part of a week of action against the 'new' suppliers of HLS that have been recently exposed we went mobile to visit some of those suppliers that haven't yet pulled out of HLS.


We started off the day by going to visit Parallabs Ltd at 268 Stockingstone Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 7DE (Tel: 07701 078332).

We passed on an info pack and DVD about HLS and the campaign to David Parsooth's wife as David wasn't there at the time. We know that Parallabs have supplied HLS's Alconbury site and ask for Parralabs to not be involved in the cruelty and shoddy work that goes on there. David, if you need a reminder about HLS, their customer number is 30501 and while you continue to deal with them, we'll continue to highlight and protest against your company's involvement. It's very unprofessional to have your website down at the moment (since we exposed you as a supplier to HLS?). It's time for you to join the hundreds of companies that have vowed not to deal with HLS and stop dealing with them and make a statement.

StarLab (UK) Ltd

And onto our next supplier target, StarLab (UK) Ltd at Unit 4, Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5NA. (Tel: 01908 283800). We politely asked to speak to StarLab's MD, Willie Burns and after several times speaking with the receptionist, he finally left his supposedly very important meeting with a client and came out to speak to us.

Unfortunately though he didn't seem in the best of moods and continued to shout and scream at us, exclaiming that they don't deal with HLS but also don't want to issue a statement. Now, this doesn't make much sense to us. So after he ran off back inside, refusing an explanation, we held a rather loud and informative demonstration outside their offices, with many onlookers from surrounding companies. Since Willie was so hysterical with us only asking to speak to him, We wonder how he feels now that he's had his first demo? Don't worry Willie - you'll have plenty to look forward to if you continue to deal with HLS or don't issue a statement. We don't need your excuses and your bad manners shows you have something to hide maybe?

W. H Barley

While we were in Milton Keynes, we decided to visit W. H Barley at Old Wolverton Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5NL (Freephone: 0800 052 4961 or 01908 223200), a company that stores goods for Starlabs as Starlabs don't have enough storage space.

We spoke to a very friendly Steve Latchford who is an MD for WH Barley. Who says he, himself is an animal lover and doesn't want anything to do with HLS. He happily accepted an info pack and said he will look into what StarLabs have gotten themselves into. Watch out StarLab, you might not have any friends soon! Please email Steve and urge him politely to stop dealing with Starlabs until they pull out of HLS and issue a statement.

This is a wake up call and promise to all those that supply and help HLS in their murderous business. We are monitoring you and we will not stop highlighting your dealings with HLS until you change your ways and pull out of dealing with the puppy punching bullies at HLS. There is no excuse for animal abuse. Vivisection is abuse and torture, not science!

Until all are free



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