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Friday, 11th February

Today we held another loud and angry demonstration against the Birmingham branch of Axa because of their involvement with AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences. We continue to tell them about the atrocities committed inside places like AZ and HLS every day and about the huge unsafeness and unreliability of vivisection and the non-animal, better methods that should be used instead.

Axa are a company that likes to brag about being an "ethical" company, about how they have moral stances, about how they have worked with the RSPCA, blah blah blah... What they deliberately and conveniently forget to mention is how they are also a very UNethical company - about how they have immoral stances, about how they are involved with two companies (AZ and HLS) both of which are responsible for mass torture and murder to animals (including humans) and scientific fraudulence, and how they like to profit from the suffering of others - so we always make sure we remind everyone around, about just what a bunch of lying evil hypocrites that Axa really is!

As many people could be seen in the tall, St Philip's Point building that towers over Pigeon Park - a very well known and busy area of Birmingham City Centre, watching the protest and listening to what we had to say - so did those from other surrounding companies.

Lots of members of the public also watched, and some of them came up to find out more about the campaign and Axa's blood money ties to these vile, disgraceful companies.

We'll be back soon Axa, until you 'Axa' your shares with AstraZeneca, a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences! We won't sit back and let hundreds die every day so that you can fill your pockets, quite the opposite, if you're involved with them we'll make sure you have big holes in them instead!

Next, we moved onto Ocean Finance in Tamworth.

Owned by Fortress; Ocean Finance are a subsidiary of the company that is responsible of lending HLS a blood money loan that has just barely kept them continuing to work in death. This is not a permanent solution, in fact HLS are so riddled in debt and failure they cannot even pay the loan back, and with a global dedicated campaign continuing it's efforts we will see it through to the end, for all those they have tortured and killed and for all those who's lives we can save.

Another loud and angry protest happened at Ocean Finance today, in which we continue to question the existence of their conscience, intelligence and business sense too.

Many members of the public drove passed and either bibbed their horns in support or gave us words of support and encouragement.

We are waiting for the proper proof, Fortress. And aren't going anywhere until you've dropped HLS!

SHAC Midlands


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